Clinical Practice Guidelines

IEHP develops and maintains clinical practice guidelines as standards of health care applicable to members and providers. The IEHP Quality Management Committee delegates responsibility for developing, reviewing, and maintaining clinical practice guidelines to the IEHP Standards Subcommittee. The QM Committee performs final approval and adoption of all guidelines. Clinical practice guidelines requiring pharmaceutical management are initiated and investigated through the Pharmacy and Therapeutics (PT) Subcommittee prior to review by the Standards Subcommittee.

All clinical practice guidelines are based on scientific evidence, review of the medical literature, or appropriately established authority, as cited. All recommendations are based on published consensus guidelines (National Guideline Clearinghouse) and do not favor any particular treatment based solely on cost considerations.

The recommendations for care are suggested as guides for making clinical decisions. Clinicians and their patients must work together to develop individual treatment plans that are tailored to the specific needs and circumstances of each patient.