Provider Network Expansion Fund

ProviderServicesIEHP is pleased to announce the growing number of Inland Empire residents taking initiative towards their health by enrolling with IEHP as a result of the Affordable Care Act. To accommodate for the growing Medi-Cal population, IEHP is launching the Provider Network Expansion Fund Program. This Program grants $8 million in funding towards supporting the hiring of new Board Certified PCPs, Specialists and Mid-level Providers within the Inland Empire.

  • Program Description
    The requirements and criteria for mid-level Providers will follow the existing guidelines for PCPs and Specialists.  This includes the requirement that the mid-level Providers are new access points in the network.  Mid-level Providers currently or previously participating with IEHP will not be considered for funding opportunity.  Funding for mid-level Providers will be at 50% of one year costs to a maximum of $75,000. 
  • Application
    Send completed applications by e-mail to Beth Taylor at
For any questions regarding this program please contact Beth Taylor, Business Analyst at (909) 296-3622.