Behavioral Health


As a local Health Plan, Inland Empire Health Plan (IEHP) is committed to improving behavioral health services for our Members by developing direct relationships with select clinicians.    

IEHP now has over 1,000,000 Members.  Behavioral Health Clinicians are viewed as "Specialists" that are partners in improving the health status of our Members.  IEHP Behavioral Health is an integrated essential partner with primary medical care.

IEHP’s Direct Behavioral Health Program will offer our Behavioral Health Specialists:

  • Streamlined Authorization & Claims Submission - via our fast and secure website.
  • Competitive Reimbursement Rates - based on current Medicare rates.
  • Speedy Payments - our track record is payment in less than 3 weeks (in most cases).
  • Personal, Friendly Service - to ensure a successful and long lasting working relationship

In order to better understand your availability and your preferences, we have attached a short survey for you to fill out and fax back.  Even if you are unsure of your availability to receive referrals, we would like to know a little more about your practice.

IEHP is committed to develop direct partnerships with Psychiatrists, Psychologists, LCSW's, LMFT's and Nurse Practitioners and other behavioral health care Providers who share our vision of providing High Quality Behavioral Healthcare to our Members.  Simply click on the link below to view and print the letter and survey. Please email the completed survey to:

Behavioral Health Provider Letter and Survey

Why You Should Contract With IEHP Directly for Behavioral Health

How IEHP Keeps You Informed and Drive Business to your Practice