Meet the IEHP Superheroes


An integral part of IEHP's mission, Community Outreach aims to serve the community through a variety of health and safety programs. We introduced one of our first programs to target children ages of 5 to 14 in 1998. The program uses a fun and cool superhero, Rad Rider, in a comic book to teach kids about bicycle safety. Since the introduction of Rad Rider, our IEHP superhero team has grown to include Eradicator in 2001 and Super Nutricia in 2009. Several years have passed and it is time to introduce a new superhero to encourage healthy habits in the digital age.

The IEHP superheroes - Super Nutricia, Eradicator, and Rad Rider encourage kids to stay safe and be healthy. Have your children read about each superhero. You can also take your kids to meet each superhero in person at our next big community event.

Female Superhero in Yellow Outfit Posing

Super Nutricia

Battling Childhood Obesity

This superhero rescues kids from the evils of junk food by teaching them about healthy-eating habits. Visit and download cool stuff for kids, you can also watch her slideshow movie with real character voices.

Male superhero in blue outfit leaning


Tackling Big Tobacco

This Super Hero helps kids say NO to smoking by teaching them about the evils of Big Tobacco. Visit to send Eradicator a message. Also watch him in the comic book movie, “Big Tobacco's Worst Nightmare".

Male superhero riding a bike

Rad Rider

Promoting Bicycle Safety

This Super Hero teaches kids about bicycle safety. Watch Rad’s bicycle stunt show at the next big community event — and get a free Rad Rider bicycle helmet. You can also sign your kids up for the IEHP Bicycle Safety Program. Visit to contact Rad and watch his comic book come to life.