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If your organization is interested in becoming an IEHP Community Partner, please sign up here. 

We are happy to post flyers that meet the following criteria:

  • From not-for-profit agency partners, not Corporate
  • Promote Medi-Cal and Covered California health coverage
  • Promote health access (medical, dental, and vision)
  • Promote social resources that are relevant to our members (food, clothing, shelter, tutoring, etc.)
  • Free or low cost below $10
  • Only 1 page flyer
  • One flyer per quarter

For more information on becoming an IEHP Community Partner, please contact:

LuAnna Jauregui
Community Outreach Manager
(909) 296-3629

Marisol Pilotin
Community Representative
(951) 374-3159

Diana Alvarado
Community Representative
(951) 374-3135