Pharmacy Benefit Information

Please login to your My IEHP Health Account to access the following information:

  • Find the location of an in-network pharmacy near you 
  • Access map(s) and driving direction(s)
  • Determine potential drug interaction(s)
  • Determine a drug’s common side-effects and significant risks
  • Determine the availability of a generic substitute
  • Search for pharmacies that qualified as 90 days at retail pharmacy
  • View prescription claims that have been or will be paid by IEHP
  • Search for claims by date and range
  • View a summary of claims within a timeframe

IEHP Pharmacy Provider Directory

The following information can also be accessed through the IEHP Pharmacy Provider Directory website:

IEHP Contracted Mail Order Pharmacy

IEHP offers mail order services through our contracted mail-order pharmacy. To order refill(s) for an existing, unexpired mail-order prescription, you may access Walgreens Mail Order pharmacy. You need to use your Walgreens prescription number to refill your medication to refill your medication. If your medication(s) has no refill(s) remaining, please follow up with your Doctor.

Drug Exceptions Process Requests

IEHP may not cover certain drug(s) and/or may not be covered in the way you would like. In this case, you may ask IEHP to start the exceptions process by logging in to your My IEHP Health Account. While completing your request, please make sure to include your Doctor’s contact information such as their name and phone number just in case IEHP needs additional information to review your drug exceptions process request(s).

Medi-Cal Formulary

You can check to see if a prescription is covered by IEHP or you can browse the formulary database by visiting the Medi-Cal Formulary Search Tool.

Drug Recall

IEHP provides the latest information regarding drug recalls and updates on FDA patient safety. You may access the information by visiting the Drug Recall page.

New Drug Additions and Deletions/Formulary Changes

IEHP Pharmaceutical Services continues to review drug(s) and its use to make sure it meets safety and clinical guidelines. You may access the most recent IEHP Formulary approved changes by clicking on the documents below: