Public Purchase - Open Bids

IEHP now utilizes the services of Public Purchase, third-party electronic bidding software that allows vendors to register for specific goods and services they offer.  This would be done using NIGP (National Institution of Governmental Purchasing) codes as the commodity part number.  Once you are registered with Public Purchase, you will receive e-mail notifications of upcoming bidding opportunities for the items your company signed up.  You will also be able to view all the open bids, electronically respond to the bids and see bid results once they are awarded.  Additionally, you would receive notices of any addendums to those bids as well as have the opportunity to post questions and receive answers pertaining to that bid.  All questions and answers are posted on-line so that all bidders have access to the same information regarding the bid.

Completion of this process will allow your business to participate in future IEHP business opportunities.  It also provides your ability to maintain your data as your business grows or changes. 

There is NO CHARGE to register and utilize this service for IEHP.  Public Purchase has other services available for a fee, but that is solely at your discretion and not required to do business with IEHP.

Just a couple helpful hints before starting your registration:

First, bid notifications are based on registered e-mail addresses.  Hence, it is recommend you use a generic e-mail address for your company, if you have one, and a second email address for a specific individual, if available.  That way, if personal e-mail addresses change, your organization still is notified of opportunities.

Secondly, make sure your company has the user-name and password in a secure location, so that it is accessible when you are not available.

IEHP cannot guarantee you will receive notice of every opportunity to sell to IEHP. Therefore, we encourage you to visit our Purchasing website for Bidding Opportunities on a regular basis for a listing of current bid solicitations.