Landmark Program

In February 2016, IEHP teamed up with Landmark Health to offer a new program aimed at meeting the unique healthcare needs of our Members with multiple chronic conditions. This program will provide in-home medical care to help frail IEHP Members preserve their independence and stay safely in their “homes” (or usual settings).

Who can participate in the Landmark program?

Our Members with five or more chronic health conditions—enrolled in Medi-Cal and/or IEHP DualChoice Cal MediConnect Plan (Medicare-Medicaid Plan).

Goals of the Landmark program:

  • Aims to improve the overall health of our most vulnerable Members.

  • Helps prevent visits to the ER and readmission to the hospital.

How does the Landmark program work?

  • IEHP Members who qualify for the program can schedule their first visit by calling Landmark or by 

    completing and returning an enrollment form that we will mail to them. Landmark also will be contacting 

    these Members proactively.

  • Each enrolled Member is assigned a Landmark Provider, who gets to know the individual’s medical conditions. 

  • On average, a Landmark Provider will see the Member once per month and help him or her with planned 

    medical treatments. 

  • Members will continue to see their IEHP PCP and Specialists, as needed.

  • A Landmark Provider or care team professional can also give advice by phone to enrolled Members.

How do our Members benefit from this program?

The Landmark program is available through IEHP to qualified Members and offers these FREE benefits:

House calls” – delivered by Landmark Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants. Landmark provides high-quality medical services in the “home” (or usual setting) of our most medically vulnerable Members.

24/7 coverage” – Landmark offers around-the-clock medical care, after-hours, and weekend coverage from a care team of Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants and more.

“Clinical integration” – works with the Member’s current PCP to ensure that the care plan is reinforced in the home; the Landmark program does not replace the Member’s PCP.