BH Updates

IEHP will keep you informed of past and current Behavioral Health Updates and Correspondence. Please click on the links below for more detailed information.

2018 BH Correspondence 

09/20/2018 Psychiatry Walk-In Clinic in Victorville

03/07/2018 Changes in Behavioral Health Claims Submission Provider Web Forms

2017 BH Correspondence 

11/30/2017 Autism Forms Training Invite Reminder

11/14/2017 Behavioral Health Autism Forms Training Invite

11/10/2017 New Behavioral Health Authorization Request Form Reminders

11/08/2017 Continuation of Care Treatment Plan Form 

11/07/2017 NEW Behavioral Health Forms

11/02/2017 New Behavioral Health Authorization Request Forms

06/19/2017 Updated Behavioral Health Provider Survey Winners

06/02/2017 Changes in Provider Web Forms

04/13/2017 $50 Gift Card - Updated Provider Survey

2016 BH Correspondence 

12/13/2016 Clarification- Referrals for Autism Evaluations for Members with Suspected Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

12/09/2016 Time Sensitive Information - Referrals for Behavioral Health Therapy (BHT) Services for Members with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

11/10/2016 Provider Portal – Maintenance Notification

10/25/2016 Department of Behavioral Health – Medical Services

10/13/2016 The 7th Annual Maternal Health Conference

07/26/2016 CORRECTION: Acceptable Means of QASPs Authorization Requests and
Submissions of Clinical Documentation

07/18/2016 Dr. Peter Currie's Departure from IEHP

06/14/2016 Collecting Provider Data for ABA Services

04/26/2016 QASP Claims Submission

04/07/2016 CORRECTIONS: Behavioral Health Authorization Changes

04/01/2016 Behavioral Health Authorization Changes

02/08/2016 Specialty Mental Health Criteria

02/05/2016 PCP and COC Web Form Helpful Reminders 

2015 BH Correspondence 

11/30/2015 Transition for Autism Services

11/25/2015 Transition of IEHP Medicare DualChoice (D-SNP) in 2016

10/15/2015 Updated Behavioral Web Forms

07/23/2015 REMINDER - SBIRT Web Training 

05/21/2015 Dr. Finnegan Neonatal Opioid Abstinence Training

05/20/2015 REMINDER -  Behavioral Health Coordination of Care Report

04/20/2015 REMINDER - PCP Referral to Behavioral Health Specialist 

2014 BH Correspondence 

06/04/2014            Notice of Requirement for Care and Treatment for Psychiatric Emergencies

01/28/2014            PCP Referral for BH Specialist

01/16/2014            Expanded Mental Health Benefits

2013 BH Correspondence 

05/09/2013            Postpartum Psychosis Seminar

03/14/2013            Community Based Adult Services (CBAS)

2012 BH Correspondence 

12/26/2012            2012 Behavioral Health Billing New CPT Codes

12/18/2012            2012 Mandatory Website Security Upgrade

12/07/2012            2012 Behavioral Health Healthy Families Transition to Medi-Cal

12/03/2012            2012 Appointment Availability Access Study